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Longside Golf Club

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2017 Club Champions.pdf 2017-18 Winter League

Enjoyed Your Golf In 2016, Sign up again for 2017!

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December 2017

       Hole In One “Ace Club”               Weekly Video Tip

         R&A Rules Academy                  Best “Recovery” shot Video.

         Course Video flyover                 Course Hole In One Summary

R&A Hole in One  Video Tip Course view Ace Summary  Video Recovery 2017 Nomination notification.jpg

        2017 Club Champions

2017-18 Council Membership

Nomination Request.

Hogmanay Party.

Come along and enjoy our first Hogmanay Party at Longside Golf Club

Dance your way into 2018 and enjoy our party games.

Mr and Mrs, Prize blow darts,

 Poop the Potato.

Stovies included

31st December 7.30 till late

Tickets £10

Members and guests welcome

Admission by ticket only (60 tickets available) available at the clubhouse or by booking on
01779 821558